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Voodoo Band Video

We recently shot a new music video for the Belfast girl band Voodoo.  The girls approached Marty with a script and together we added a little extra spice to make the story more interesting.  The entire video was shot again on my Canon 5D MKII and in this instance, I had to pay particular attention to the low light scenarios.  My two goto lenses for the job were the 50mm f1.4 and the 16-35mm f2.8 as I had to shoot wide and shallow for the most part.  It was a tight deadline as we had to film the whole video in one day bar one scene.

A word of Thanks:
At one stage I used my skateboard as a human dolly for the moving shots at the fashion show and without Chris McGeown at the helm pulling me to safety I’d be writing this with a cast on!  It was Chris’s first day on the job and his enthusiasm was appreciated late into the evening when things got tough.

Special thanks also to Michael Mulholland who stepped in as the role of photographer for the video and did a great job.  Ben and Sam from Hooptedoodle Films have been documenting the group’s movements for a year now and were very encouraging and at one stage, we used Ben’s on-camera light to help illuminate the final scene…HERO!  Ben had actually recommended us to the girls in the first place when they were looking for a music video.


Here are the final images I shot for the video.  Note Ben’s video light used as a strobe in the red light scene!

  1. Matthew on Wednesday 19, 2010

    Fantastic video! Nice music too, I’ll have to look Voodoo up on iTunes or somesuch.