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Thomas and Nicola

Thomas and Nicola were married at Ten Square recently.  I had heard horror stories from various photographers about the low light conditions and difficulty in shooting the venue.  I had no such troubles using a technique which allows me to control my light in such a way that it fills the room and provides a soft off-camera look without causing distraction to the proceedings.

It was a beautiful day and I had great fun shooting the happy couple and their friends and families.  It was definitely one of the most candid and cozy weddings I have shot and the guys at the venue were as always, extremely professional.  If you are deciding upon a wedding venue I thoroughly recommend Ten Square. The staff are friendly and courteous and there’s a warm atmosphere to the place unlike any other venue in it’s class. They were also winners of Best Hotel at the 2010 Fate Awards against some stiff competition!

Thomas and Nicola are big fans of black & white photography and prefer it over colour. I am very particular about my b&w processing and conversion and have a love for the emotion that black & whites convey.  Here are a few pics from their special day.

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