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The McKeown Family Photo Shoot
I recently got the chance to photograph the beautiful McKeown family. It was by far one of my favourite shoots of 2008. We started off with a few test shots at the house with Max (pet dog, protector and proficient in opening doors with his paws) and the kids before we moved on to the studio for the portrait session.

The focus of the day was portraits of the kids but that didn’t stop the littleuns from playing a trick on mum and dad when they sat down for a few photos! Dad finally managed to exact some revenge! One down, two to go!

When we got back to the house, Maeve wanted to show off her new fairy outfit so I decided to add a little sparkle to this magical shot! After having my fun I handed over the camera to a real professional! I let Maeve teach me a few things about pet photography!

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