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The Art of Movement

This is Colin DeVenny. By day he works a steady nine to five and by night, he is a driven, self motivated and dedicated free runner.  Known by many simply as Bane, he is a very interesting individual to talk to and the deeper you go, the more you learn about his incredible devotion to the pursuit of Parkour.

Bane takes a holistic approach to this relatively new sport and trains/stretches/balances every day. he has been active in the sport for 6 years now. His training regime would scare you! He’s not one for tricks and backflips, explaining that most confuse the art of parkour with outdoor gymnastics.  Watching him break down a simple drop off a 2ft wall made me see why people get hooked on parkour from the very start. A good analogy would be surfing your first wave or that feeling when someone lets go of your saddle and you ride a bike for the first time. It’s that feeling of freedom and independence that we don’t often experience but crave in our lives.

We worked in the City for the full shoot around the Waterfront area and at times I found myself watching and listening when I should have been snapping! Local up and coming NI photographer and all-round legend Darius Zomorodian came along to help with my lights and was a superb help throughout the shoot. I told Darius the minute he sets up shop he will instantly be NI’s top photographer with his exotic name.  Bane Gave Darius a quick parkour lesson and I’ve never seen someone so confused about falling off a 2ft wall.

I’m planning a second shoot with Colin really soon so check back for more Parkour shots.

  1. Mary on Wednesday 8, 2010

    What an amazing photo shoot so hard to capture movement timeing is all important.

  2. Rick on Wednesday 8, 2010

    Mary that is so true I must say Bane moved so quickly throughout the shoot that I had to step up my game. Thanks.

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