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Band Shoot:  On Location Vid

I thought I should start a sequence of videos showing the nature of my shoots and giving users a behind the scenes look at how I go about shooting a subject on location.  This first video is just an introduction so stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of your typical approach to outdoor people photography.

If you love the word ammmmmm you’ll love this video!  A special prize for whoever posts the correct amount of ammmmm’s in the comments section (a free 20 x 16 signed print from the band shoot and a straight jacket for sitting and counting them!)

These are some of the processed shots from the day.  As you can see I decided to go for really gritty processing.  In this case gritty works well but it’s not for everyone.  Special thanks to Marty at Scattered Images for shooting the video and putting it together.  He’s one classy videographer and full-time hero.  For the video gearheads (geeks) Marty shot this piece on Sony’s EX3.  Head over to Marty’s site to find out more about his weapon of choice.


  1. TBSteve@flickr on Thursday 11, 2010

    I counted 19, not too bad for 4minutes.
    Nice video, I’ll look forward to the next one with more in-depth coverage

  2. admin on Thursday 11, 2010

    Hey Steve it’s amazing what a video camera can do for your vocabulary. I swear that red light was the worst invention on the front. Thanks will be posting a full tutorial on with some handy tips very soon.