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Swamp Corporate Shoot

Had a photoshoot today with Graham Byrne chief officer at Swamp (Southern Waste Management Partnership).  Graham was busy and was running in and out of a meeting in order to get his shots so had to move swiftly on this one. He’s a real gent and was very patient as I angled for the best shot.

The corridor was an eye catching piece in itself but I wanted to bring Graham out of the scene with some cleverly placed creative lighting.  My Key light was camera left at a height and then I incorporated some light trickery to change the scene and give the corridor a little atmosphere.  Every location and every subject is a challenge in some way shape or form but don’t let this worry you.  Just look at your composition from a creative angle and let the strobes do the talking!

Marty from Scattered Images has completed the band shoot video and is rendering as I type this so I will post as soon as it’s ready.  Unfortunately we were pushed for time so I couldn’t run a proper tutorial so its really just a fly on the wall perspective but I promise the next one will be choc full of info for you budding strobists!


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