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Paradox Nightclub
Paradox Nightclub, originally uploaded by Red Sky Photography.

I was down at the re-opening night for Paradox at the Bryansburn Inn and was asked to shoot a few promo photos. I took interior shots and Also crowd and DJ shots but my favourite shot of the night had to be this.

The girls were lovely and were very natural and comfortable in front of the camera and this allowed me to get creative with the lighting. I wanted something edgy and glamorous for the final shot so I took a few chances and pushed the flare from my back light to the max whilst trying to maintain as much detail from the front.

My main gripe on this shoot again was the 5D MK II’s inability to focus in low light. I used to own a D300 and had no trouble focusing in pitch black so I get a little frustrated when the MK II goes searching for focus in dimly lit areas. It can be the difference between a good smile and a weary one that’s been held for too long.

Enjoy :D

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