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Nike, originally uploaded by Red Sky Photography.

I Decided to knock up a mock Nike Commercial today after a few attempts at indoor sports portraits. For this one I centred in on running and I used a familiar face from one of my past model shoots Alan Scott McDonald as he loves running and therefore was the perfect candidate.

We went to various locations but finally settled on the top of the battlements at Shane’s Castle in Antrim for the final shot. The sky was fantastic so I took advantage by manually metering down a few stops to really bring it out and exposed for the subject with specific bare lighting.

The timing of this was essential as was the focusing. As you might know already the 5D MK II’s Servo is pitiful so It was up to me to focus on a point on the ground and time the shot as the subject ran into the shot and point of focus. To make matters worse, the rain was beating down hard and the lights were soaking. Thankfully they survived to tell the tale and so did the 5D, not known for its waterproofing system.

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