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Melissa Magee

I recently had the opportunity to work with a rising star in Northern Ireland. Melissa was one of this year’s Miss NI contenders and has been featured in various fashion/lifestyle magasines in Northern Ireland.  Melissa hopes to be a television presenter and after meeting and chatting with her, I have no doubt that she will be successful in her chosen vocation.

We concentrated on head shots for this shoot and again, the main go to light source was the Elinchrom Ranger RX along with the Rotalux 135cm soft box. I can’t rave enough about Elinchrom’s line of Rotalux softboxes as they are very well designed and make my life easier when on Location. When using the larger Octabank softboxes indoors at close proximity make sure to diffuse the light. I often double up diffusion with a deflector in order to minimise hot spotting. As you can see the results are beautifully soft.  I also had a bare 580 EX II behind Melissa for rim and hair lighting. Just enough to add a little separation from the background and to emphasise her brilliant red hair.

Melissa was great to work with and was super enthusiastic throughout the shoot. When I work with a model or individual their participation can make the difference between a good shoot and a portfolio piece.  I had so much to choose from as she was very diverse and worked hard in front of the lens. I will be working with Melissa again on location this week so I’ll post the results very soon.

  1. isayx3 on Saturday 28, 2010

    very nice..i dont often like hair light..but I love how warm it is….looks like sunlight

  2. Rick on Saturday 28, 2010

    Thanks Ed I wanted a subtle approach to work with the style of processing. Hope all is well.

  3. Shirley on Saturday 28, 2010

    Excellent.. When you coming London to take pics of me dancing? Your work is fab x

  4. Rick on Saturday 28, 2010

    Will be over in the near future I’ll give you a shout and let you know. Thanks.

  5. Chris Alford on Saturday 28, 2010

    Wonderful images! What do you mean by doubling up with a deflector? Do you mean you bounced the studio light or put another second diffusion panel inside the softbox?
    I’m not sure what you mean.

  6. Rick on Saturday 28, 2010

    Hi Chris,

    That is exactly what I mean. In any instance when using softboxes or octabanks people assume that the light will be soft but you really can’t have enough diffusion. On my Ranger RX I have a deflector cap controlling the light spilling into the reflective surface and then two diffusion panels. Without this I tend to get a lot of hot spotting even with the 135cm rotalux. When I use the lastolite ezybox with a standard speedlight for slightly a punchier and harder effect I always fit my stofen diffusion cup to soften the output. Hope this helps!