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Louise Mathews

I shot local actor Louise Mathews a few months ago for her casting profile.  Most of the shoot was carried out indoors with a couple of shots taken outside in natural light for a subtler approach.  Louise was really fantastic to work with as she had so many layers as a professional actor.  I pride myself on getting the best from people and extracting their real personality but Louise was a natural in front of the lens and after the inital consultation on the phone, we had locked down what she wanted from the shoot. 

Louise recently filmed for In Cold Blood, the BBC NI series and Spotlight. She completed a residency with the famous Frantic Assembley through Prime Cuts theatre company and also studied under Bruiser graduate academy geting a crash course in their highly physical theatre style.  She is also a graduate of Irelands premier theatre school, the gaiety school of acting and has her own drama facilitation business, Time to Shine.

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