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Liquid Fire

Liquid can be one of the most challenging forms to photograph.  We often seek to control our subjects through physical and sometimes vocal direction but water adheres to none of the aforementioned.  Instead, it goes where it wants to go.  My greatest failures have often included water-based shoots but I have learned much more from these trying occasions in the studio and in open and unpredictable waters.

It takes a certain amount of practice to get this right so be patient and keep your camera equipment safe from getting wet at all times.   The title shot has the look of a vial of fire or an apothecary’s elixir from a time when ancient spells and Magic ruled the world.  Of course this is all nonsense (sorry World of Warcraft geeks!) but to be fair there is a certain amount of trickery or magic to every shot.

The image above is achieved by dropping a colour dye into water.  It is very abstract and is complimented by the air bubbles making their way back to the surface.  I have rotated the image to pull the eye into the intricate blue swirling rather than it’s obvious descent into the water tank.

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