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Light Vs. Dark

For me the relationship between light and darkness is a fascinating one. They are equal opposites and yet when brought together they create visual masterpieces. Often we don’t see the value in darkness, dismissing it as an underexposed attempt without really taking in it’s appeal. This is quite a contradiction in terms of technique from my recent post on large soft light but again, that’s what makes this style so edgy and unique. We often find ourselves so deep in a style or lighting technique that we forget about the infinite possibilities at the other end of the spectrum. In this particular instance I am referring to bare, bold lighting.

I worked with Michael Mulholland again for this shoot as he requires little or no instruction and knows how to work with light. He is also extremely dedicated and works hard to maintain his physique so for this particular shoot, he was the perfect choice.  I approached Michael about it and he was very keen on the concept.

I think this shoot summarises the beautiful truth that without darkness, there would be no light.


  1. Melanie on Monday 25, 2010

    Wow….I think this is one of the most fascinating shots.
    You are spot on the money about the juxtapositioning between light and dark and the beauty that is revealed or displayed! This shot is stunning and it’s that play on light (or lack thereof) that makes it particularly powerful!

  2. redskyni on Monday 25, 2010

    Couldn’t agree more Melanie! I find when you get it right, it’s very easy to tell the story. Thanks for your comments.


  3. richie lavery on Monday 25, 2010

    Mate these are amazing. not only does it make me want to play around with light and dark it makes me feel guilty about paying 25 notes on a gym membership i don’t attend.
    really nice mate keep it up.

  4. redskyni on Monday 25, 2010

    I know the feeling I’m wondering if LA Fitness do 5 day memberships for the whole year! Should ask Michael for a diet plan I could certainly use the help!