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Gravity:  The Beat Poets Video Shoot

As some of you might already be aware I moonlight as a director of photography for a few local directors from time to time and I really enjoy getting out on set and getting involved in the film/music industry. I recently shot a music video with Marty at Scattered Images for The Beat Poets and their new single GRAVITY. Marty brought me in again as director of photography and I was responsible for the filming, lighting and helping to bring Marty’s vision to life. Marty is a superb director and since we started working together on short film and music videos, we have developed a strong telepathy. Before we speak we generally know what the other is about to say and it’s this bond that aids us on set and allows us to push our creativity. I find that enthusiasm is paramount on set given our dark and moody climate and this is no exception with Marty he really has a knack of keeping things moving. We have also been very fortunate with the people we have recently worked with and I am constantly surprised by their continual efforts to help create new and inspiring works.

The Beat Poets John, Mark, Keith and Paul are today making headlines throughout the province and recently had their music licenced to MTV and can be heard in some of the channel’s new shows. To be honest there’s not a day goes by that I don’t hear one of their songs or see an article in the local/international press and radio hailing their music and for this reason I have no doubt that the guys will eventually reach the dizzying heights of stardom. Besides their obvious talents, you really couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of lads and I wish them every success and look forward to their up and coming band shoot and new video that we hope to start work on in early January.

Have a listen and watch the new video below.


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