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Graphic Design Portfolio

Have a look at the design portfolio of Steven Fairfield.  Steven was the creator of my logo and stationery and to date has been involved in some key projects.  What I particularly like about Steven is his attention to detail and above all, his creativity.  Steven asked me to shoot his portfolio for his new website (that is currently being built) as he liked my style. I knew that the bog standard “shoot on white” approach would not showcase his work to it’s fullest.  Instead, I decided to attack the work using edgy creative lighting in an attempt to compliment his works.

Steven was very pleased with the outcome and I really enjoyed the challenge.  DON’T ask me how long it took for me to stack the cards in their various formats…..lets just say I was climbing the walls after every accidental topple.  Top Tip:  Don’t breathe when shooting card stacks!

A corporate shoot mid-week and an edgy fashion shoot on Friday in the gritty city so expect a few new blog posts on these very soon.


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