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Fashion Shoot:  Spring/Summer in bitter winter!

I had a fashion shoot for a local shoe company and booked Nicole Chardae Toan as she is a very diverse model.  Nicole has been modelling for many years and I found myself working fast to keep up with her as she knows how to move and change up.

The location was decided and we rocked up at 5pm or thereabouts in -2 celsius.  Due to the bitter cold and the style of shoot (if we were shooting winter coats and warm clothes it wouldn’t have been an issue) I wanted to work really fast to keep Nicole warm and happy but the cold never really seemed to bother her throughout and I was grateful for her professionalism.  If I had to switch the roles I would have locked myself in the car with the heating on and told the photographer where to go!

The shots were ordered by Donaghys of Banbridge and they will be using them for their new Ad campaign.  Donaghys have recently had their website redesigned by Karen at Akaihane and it looks great.


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