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Escape Fails

I was asked recently to work on the video for a very promising rock metal band Escape Fails promoting their new single “Livestock”.  I first met Tim, Paul,Aaron, Mark and Graham at the offices of Scattered Images to discuss and finalise the video which would be shot over two days in a field in Derrytrasna.  The guys were really enthusiastic and happy with Marty’s idea and were open to anything.  They had some great ideas for the video which added to the overall authenticity of the final outcome. On a cold December Saturday morning we started to build the set which consisted of barrels of fire, metal fencing and throughout the day we burned anything we could get our hands on….. at one stage I was dancing around with my boots/jeans on fire and had to pull out the footloose moves. Good times.

I was responsible again for shooting the video and lighting the scenes.  It was a challenging setup considering the video would be shot at night and without the help of my brother in law Vincent, we would have had serious diffs as the generator Marty had wasn’t able to take the load. We were stretched to the maximum at times due to the damp and muddy conditions and again the band had to perform in -1 oC in t-shirts. This would put most men off but the guys kept warm jumping about and getting into each take.

Graham the lead vocalist was cast in some of the scenes and was brilliant at turning it on when needed. Unfortunately the band were outclassed by the extras going crazy in the pen as people were shoved to the ground and run over in a frenzied panic! Mal, Aaron ‘Maiden’ McAvoy and Jonny Burch were the ringleaders of the herd and were fantastic when it came to kicking down things and beating the living daylights out of strangers. Legends!  Larry Cowan from Lamb Films took us all to acting school with a stellar performance in a rubber mask. Next time I hope to video his beautiful face instead.

We got the opportunity to see the guys performing on the barge at the waterfront last Friday night.  JackalFeud (great band!) were supporting and killed it with a fast-paced heavy set that got the crowd fired up and when the guys came on the place went mental.  I never knew there was such a loyal following for homegrown talent and it was great to see it.  Enjoy the video! If you’d like to know more about the Behind the Scenes check out Alan McCracken’s very cool video Livestock – Behind the Scenes


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