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Crescent Arts Centre Ballet Editorial

I was recently asked to shoot an editorial for the Crescent Arts Centre‘s ballet class.  I have always had a great admiration and respect for ballet as a discipline because of it’s physical demands on the body and the dedication that one must have in order to succeed at it. I read Patrick Swayze’s autobiography entitled Time of my life not long ago and part of the book deals with the physicality and strength required to perform and train in ballet and it was a real eye opener.  Patrick picked up many different styles but it was at the highly prestigious ballet school Harkness in NY where he realised his passion for this art.  Sadly, he passed away last year fighting pancreatic cancer to the bitter end.  If you decide to buy a book I recommend his autobiography. It is very humbling to say the least!

We had our challenges on the shoot (we always do).  Firstly the studio was smaller than I had first anticipated so the composition had to change and we had a limited amount of time to set up and make the image.  I opted for three strobes in this instance to add depth and separation from the background and give each subject their space in the photo.

My thanks go out to all at the Arts Centre who were very helpful and gracious in allowing us to shoot at their premises and to the two Ruths, teacher and student (referred to as Ruth red and Ruth blue halfway through) who were great in front of the camera and taught me one or two things about ballet in our short time together.  I now know enough to spectate but more importantly, never to attempt what I had seen!  If you would be interested in giving ballet a shot or require any further info don’t hesitate to give the Arts Centre a call to discuss.


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