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I recently took a trip to Carlingford and whilst there I went on a hike to the peak overlooking Carlingford for a panoramic shot.  I finally got a clear day for the shot so I headed up early to catch the midday sun on the sleepy little town.  Carlingford is a beautiful little stopover for weary travellers wishing to seek a bit of heritage and R&R.

If you do decide to venture down I highly recommend Peter & Irene Finegan’s B&B Carlingford House for their hospitality and warmth.  They were extremely helpful and have lived in Carlingford all their lives so they knew a bit about the place!  It was Peter himself who directed me up onto the mountain and had a few tips for getting there fast.

Sadly, I didn’t catch a Leprechaun on my trip.  These fellas can run like the billy-Os!  I found an interesting signpost on my way up the mountain that gave me a chuckle as I tried to catch my breath.

The shot was produced by manually stitching together 12 separate portrait raw files to make the final Pano.

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