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Black Bear Saloon:  The final scenes…

It was time to shoot the final scenes so we headed up to the woodlands not far from forestside where Richie and Moyah walk the dog every evening.  The place was perfect and had an eerie atmosphere…..probably down to the fact that we were filming right next to a mortuary! I guess you could say that the ambiance was just about right so we kicked off the last few scenes in style with Moyah getting back into muddy wet clothes and giving it everything she had.

Can’t give too much away at this stage but we were delighted with the finished shots and its now up to Marty at Scattered Images to cut up the footage and edit it.  NO PRESSURE MART!

Tonight I was up a tree, kneeling in muck, running after myself, (hard to explain really) standing on stools, narrowly avoiding shrapnel from flying objects (Marty let his inner grizzly bear out finally) and also got the production team hooked on Jameson’s Caramels.  Richie and Marty made the most of being bears for their three seconds of fame and literally trashed the place.  NUTTERS!  I must give a big shout out to my brother Faraz who loaned me his wellies (3 months ago – SORRY!).  I promise to clean the muck off and return them before your 60th birthday :P

Got the chance to rock out with the band as they played the song at the end……GOOSEBUMPS!  Can’t get the song out of my head now….and for once it’s a good thing…

Here’s a few shots from the evening.

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