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Black Bear Saloon: A Local Band and a Kick Ass Music Video

What a weekend of sorts!  Martin of Scattered Images had rang me a couple of months back to ask if I would be interested in shooting a music video that both he and Black Bear Saloon were writing up.  To be honest I thought it would be a pretty straightforward affair with close-ups of a band in action slamming demonically on their weapons of choice in an attempt to deafen the world…….Oh how wrong could i be! Instead I was sent a link to their myspace page and I quickly realised that they were a very credible and still undiscovered band just waiting for a bit of luck and the right moment.  Their music has pace, passion, and pure heart.  When I met the fellas for the first time I couldn’t marry the sound……that was….until they played their new tune right in front of us at the Limelight.  Suddenly their demeanor changed and even I started jumping about like a kid in a toyshop.  Their sound is infectious and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a visit from a record company really soon.

The piece had everything that you would expect from a rock Video!  Grizzly Bears in tuxedos, a sassy beautiful blonde with a wild streak, A MUSTANG SHELBY GT500, Beer, Gambling and a solid soundtrack.  We started filming on Friday night in a little pokey bar on the outskirts of Larne.  The fog had dropped and the rain was hammering down like hail……the kind of rain that soaks you to the bone just running from the front door to the car.  The weather was perfect for the piece but unfortunately not for the equipment.  We were filming with the ever popular 5D MK II and we didn’t expect the conditions so this really was a true test for the “improved” waterproofing.  I have to say that the camera excelled and I was chuffed that after a brutal pounding it was still firing on all cylinders!

The Dedo lights on the other hand decided to give Marty a lesson on why they don’t like thunderstorms.  After his third electric shock (double hard) Marty pulled the plug and we improvised with strategic lighting from the floodlights and our cars.  Not the only blooper of the weekend but more on this later.

Saturday’s morning shoot took place in the ever popular Limelight.  I used to frequent this place when I was much younger and as I walked into the place memories of a past life started flooding my mind.  Some good, some bad, some awful.  The biggest shock for me was that it hadn’t changed a bit and I found this so refreshing!  I could still see where I swigged my first drink, had my first knockback from a young girl intent on breaking my heart and the dancefloor where I got whiplash every night headbanging to soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Motorhead, Onyx, Rage Against the Machine, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and all kinds of loud music I was into and still play to this very day.  We prepped the scenes and got shooting fast as we had a long day ahead of us.  At one stage I was hanging from the rafters for a shot we needed.  It’s tough being your own stuntman.

The final two locations were back in larne for some car sequences and finally a yard where Mike keeps his pride and Joy.  By this stage Marty and I had knocked up a water housing for the 5DmkII using a plastic bag and elephant tape….I know!  It definitely worked and we were able to film car mount footage is blistering rain.  Who needs £1600 gadgets eh?

Oh  yeah the bloopers.  Aaron the lead vocalist accidentally stuck 30 quid’s worth of petrol in a diesel car, (or the other way around – a popular pastime of soccer moms) Russ the bassist got a flat in the van, we all got told off and got our pictures taken for parking in business spots on the Saturday, we had to get the guys to lift the back of the mustang to get a wheel spin, Moyah Lavery (the lead girl) stalled the bus like it was going out of fashion and I got drafted in on a cameo for the bar scene…..never good!

Besides all of that it was a roaring success.  The guys were brilliant and managed to turn it on when needed and Moyah pulled out all of the stops in the freezing soaking conditions and was already sick.  It was her first ever acting role and we were very impressed with her newfound skills (not the driving kind!).  Marty and I agree that she definitely has a future in the business.  We couldn’t have done any of it without the help of Richie Lavery who came up with the idea of lifting the mustang to get the desired wheel spin and was also great in steering the light and being an overall problem solver.  wOOt!  Keep your eyes peeled for the finished product.  Marty is currently cutting up the footage and we have two scenes to shoot this Wednesday an then hopefully the Video should be finished before Christmas.  We will have a special screening night so if you’re interested in seeing it pop me or Marty an email and we’ll send you the info when we get it.


  1. Aaron Abernethy on Tuesday 8, 2009

    Some of the things you’ve said there Rick are a bit TOO kind, but we’ll take em!

    I’m never going to look anything BUT fat next to my band-mates though, am I?

  2. redskyni on Tuesday 8, 2009

    I think band meets at the local KFC would sort that problem out in no time. Sounds like a plan for Wednesday :D

  3. ian comply or die on Tuesday 8, 2009

    looking good, send me a mail when you’re having a screening.

  4. redskyni on Tuesday 8, 2009

    Will do Ian thanks for the interest. :D

  5. MikeB on Tuesday 8, 2009

    What a car!!! Ahem!!

  6. redskyni on Tuesday 8, 2009

    It definitely challenges the A to B theory ;) How much did you say it was for hire again Mike? :D

  7. Catherine on Tuesday 8, 2009

    I cannot wait to see this.
    If you want you could organise a screening in my studio, large space downstaires used for meetings and events, email me if you want some details
    catherine b
    (fake bear arm maker)

  8. redskyni on Tuesday 8, 2009

    Sounds like a fantastic idea Catherine. Great job on the suits too they worked marvelously throughout and they took some SERIOUS abuse! Will give you a shout when we’re closer to the completion.