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Big Sunday

I teamed up again with Marty Stalker of Scattered Images to run a promotional shoot for Chris Cassidy IR 16. Chris finished 5th overall in this year’s standings of the IWA tour and scored an impressive 3rd at Belmullet on his 2nd season with the tour. Chris is an up and coming star and will be one to watch out for in future events.
Chris took us up to his favourite spot in the north coast for a days filming for his sponsors and portfolio. We were shocked to find one of the biggest days the north coast has seen this year. With sets rolling in at mast height and above, I could see a curious and menacing grin on Chris’s face: this was going to be a fun day!

Chris was eager to get into the water as rigging up can take some time and the conditions were perfect. He took us out first to show us where he would be coming back in to wave sail so that we could pick our spot. All an all this was an incredible day to be down at the coast and it will be a while before it ever gets this big again!

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