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Belfast4Haiti:  50 bands and a sell out crowd

When I heard of the Belfast4Haiti all day music festival and the promise of 50 bands in one day I was somewhat sceptical at first. What I didn’t know at that time was the sheer effort and organisation that was being put into the event. Marty from Scattered Images and I went down to meet with Dino, Anto and Aaron to start shooting the documentary and to interview the guys one by one.  Their reasons for putting on the event and their passion for the Haiti disaster came through loud and clear and from this moment on I knew this was going to be a great day. I was wrong, it was truly FANTASTIC! CDC Leisure and the guys were on the ball and the day went like clockwork.

The atmosphere in the pit was electric as fans chanted over the barriers singing the songs almost as loud as the band on some occasions.  Carrie Davenport received a couple of blows to the back of the head from an adoring fan as she tried to get a shot of the  answer.  Like the true pro she is, Carrie worked in between the smacks to get a steady shot :D

At one point we had to leave by the stage door at the Limelight and round the outside of the building to get set up for the next band at the spring and airbrake due to the sheer volume of people herding to and from each band. It didn’t help that the bands in Katy Dalys were rocking the middle stage – TOTAL GRIDLOCK! (Jamaican Accent – not the Brad Pitt one though in Meet Joe Black – OUCH!)

My hat goes off to the fellas who started the ball rolling as they raised over £20,000 and gave the fans something to truly remember!  A big shout out to the bar staff and security who helped us get from A to B and kept us on the straight and narrow.  Thanks also to Sabrina who was there to answer the most mundane questions and always had a smile on her face.  Here are a few shots from the gig I managed to snap in between shooting the video on the 5D MK II.  Enjoy.


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