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Alex Heyes

I have always been a big fan of extreme sports and as a sports portrait enthusiast I decided to get in touch with Ireland’s finest in order to document their abilities in an edgy and unique way. I hoped that the exposure and imagery would help in profiling their skills to a wider audience and in turn, encourage sponsorship.

This idea has sparked a new project that will showcase the best young riders in the extreme sports division in Ireland. I have teamed up with Iskra Interactive, Scattered Images and Uberdog Magasine and we will be working together to give the riders some publicity and exposure in various mediums. Marty will be producing a video showreel, Tara Craig (Editor at Uberdog) will be running a feature on each individual in the magasine and the team at Iskra Interactive will be producing a very edgy and unique website for the riders.

The first on my list was 16 yr old Alex Heyes, a local Belfast skateboarder with a hunger for pain and heelflips! Alex brought us along to some of his favourite spots and I set about capturing him in his sporting environment – the streets! Alex has been skating the city from a young age and dreams of becoming a pro skater someday.

Have a look at some of his shots below for a small peak into his world.

  1. Stray Taoist on Thursday 8, 2010

    Nice shots, indeed. But, as ever, I would love to know the more technical end of it, the lighting, lens, post-processing and all that!

  2. Rick on Thursday 8, 2010

    Hey ST it was one light throughout. The Ranger RX Speed AS with A head for stopping the action. I will be posting a full review soon on my new light. The lens was my favourite and trusted Canon 24-105L. This is my workhorse lens and is super sharp wide open. It has never let me down.

    The processing is a gritty affair. I will post some info soon on techniques for sports processing but it is very much down to personal taste. I try to add a little atmosphere as I often find flat photos uninspiring.

    Hope this helps.

  3. BANE on Thursday 8, 2010

    Really quite like the flat land flip shots. The second of the two looks like a lie Kang in Rollerblading!

  4. iz mate on Thursday 8, 2010

    yo lawd dat skateboard yo