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Aideen & Declan

Aideen and Declan recently had their engagement/pre-warmup shoot.  Despite the torrential rain and muddy conditions, they were great sports and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot.

This is a service I provide free of charge for my wedding clients.  I can already hear my fellow wedding photographers ask why do I provide this service for free?  It’s quite simple.  Unless you are familiar with the clients (you are shooting a family member or a close friend) getting the best out of the big day for both parties can be very tricky if you have only ever met them for a consultation.  Imagine someone coming to your big day that you have never met and that nobody else knows ……awkward scenario right?  Now put a camera in their hands!  Yes, that’s a issue that occurs all too often in the wedding industry and can lead to stiff, uncomfortable portraits.

I provide this service free of charge to my wedding clients for three very important reasons:

1.  It gives the couple a chance to get comfortable with posing and being snapped for a brief and intimate peroid of time.  This is often referred to as the portrait session on the day (some milk it more than others, I prefer to limit my time spent with the couple for no more than the 20-30mins, and let them get back to enjoying the day.  After all, it is their wedding day and not a portfolio session!).

2.  It gives me the chance to make a connection with the client on a one to one basis so that they know what to expect from me and in return, I learn more about their personal preferences and can adapt my approach according to their tastes.

3.  The client gets to see me in action and sample my processing styles (the finished product).  I send on the images reprocessed to print at their convenience.

This takes a lot of time and effort but I truly believe that without a warmup shoot its virtually impossible to achieve a bond with your prospective client and get the best out of the day from the moment you enter their world.  Aideen and Declan brought along their little dog Molly who kept us all on our toes!

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